Female Herbal Health Capsule Hua Hin
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Natural herbal health capsules made just for women.

This natural female herbal health formula promotes health and vitality and with benefit to the female reproductive organs. Eases menstrual cramps and headaches, helps tighten the vaginal wall and promote proper lubrication. Good for women of all ages but for older women 40+ it will help revitalize and bring back the youthful feelings. Good for all around female health and great for your sexual health and well being. Try some today – you will be very happy you did.
Dosage 1-2 capsules a day before meals. You can take daily all the time or just during your menstrual cycle.

10 capsules per box.
$8.95 per box
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Herbal supplement for female reproductive health

Benefits of this product:

1 This product will help to improve your reproductive system.

2 It will help restore a youthful vigor of the organ.

3 The product will enhance and nourishes the overall female reproductive health.

4 it will help clean and strengthen and regenerate the female reproductive system.

5 It brings the body’s natural hormones and steroids into balance.

Ancient Chinese traditional usage:

This product was formulated to heal all female reproductive issues including painful menstruation, lack of proper menstruation, PMS, ovulation disorders.  Its properties include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic, parasitic ide, and uterine tonic.

This herbal capsule is formulated to help restore balance for all female reproductive issues such as dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation, amenorrhea or lack of proper menstruation, ovulation disorders, discharges, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids or adrenal weakness, prolapsed uterus, menorrhagia or excessive bleeding, hot flashes and cramping, edema, dry vaginal walls, tones the female body, and low sex drive.

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